Dental technology

At Sterling Dental, we offer the most sophisticated technologies available in the industry to ensure that patients receive the best care possible and treatments that guarantee precision. Dental technologies such as CT scans, 3D guided implants, and digital x-rays provide dentists with extremely detailed information about each patient’s dental situation including the structure and overall health of the teeth, jaw bone, gums, and other oral structures as well as visual information about the presence of infection and the exact location of anatomical structures that can help guide dental surgery and ensure a high level of success.

Dental technologies provide an extra layer of information and comfort to patients receiving treatment and they allow customized results that simply aren’t possible without high-tech options.

CT Scanning

In dentistry, CT-Scanning allows us to create a 3D image of the patient’s teeth, jawbone, and airway. With a CT scan, the dentist can map out the exact shape and dimensions of the patient’s jawbone and teeth so that treatments can be customized and precisely tailored to the patient’s needs. CT scans can be used to diagnose infection and even uncover issues such as sleep apnea, and abnormalities in the tissue structures such as bone cancers, tumors or cysts. This tool makes it possible to quickly diagnose dental problems and develop treatment plans that take each patient’s unique situation into account.

3D Guided Implants

Dental implants are an essential technology in restorative dentistry. Using titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone, the dentist is able to create a strong foundation or root system for false teeth. Dental implants often look and feel almost identical to the patient’s natural teeth. And at Sterling Dental, we use 3D guided imagery to increase the accuracy of the titanium post placement in the mouth and ensure that the look and feel of the implants are precisely customized to each patient’s situation. 3D guided imagery technologies are used to create a detailed virtual model of the patient’s face and mouth, which allows pre-planning for the surgery and optimum results.

Digital X-Rays

We offer state-of-the-art digital X-Rays technologies that provide an instantaneous, in-office visual representation of the teeth and surrounding structures. These radiographs or x-rays allow the dentist to diagnose potential oral health issues that may not be apparent to the naked eye. Cavities, problems with the roots of the teeth or the health of the bone tissues that surround the tooth or teeth and even periodontal issues such as gum disease can be tracked and identified immediately using this type of technology. Digital x-rays save time, enhance patient comfort, and provide additional diagnostic information that the dentist can use to create an effective treatment plan.

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